Enterprise Software Development: Job Estimating Software for a Commercial Printer

"The first quote in gets the job." This mantra is often heard in the sales and estimating departments of commercial printing organizations. In today's market, being the first printer to respond to a customer's request can make the difference. But mistakes in estimates can be costly. In order to be successful in this ultra-competitive industry, accurate and timely estimates are critical. A commercial web offset printer engaged Chicago Technologies to develop a sales and estimating system that would give them this advantage. Chicago Technologies deployed a small team of highly-experienced consultants to make this system a reality in just sixteen weeks. Key system benefits include:

  • secure, web-based availability
  • fast quote turnaround
  • reduced errors and mistakes
  • consistent, programmatic approach to estimating
  • improved estimator and sales force productivity

The system was designed to be simple enough for a sales representative to use, but have the capability of generating an estimate for even the most complex press configurations.