Application Migration: Policy Illustration Software for a Life Insurer

Chicago Technologies has long understood the benefits of Microsoft's .NET platform and considers it an easy choice for creating next generation applications. These benefits include a consistent programming model, direct support for security, high level of interoperability, and straight-forward application deployment. But what about those mission critical, Visual Basic 6.0 applications that organizations depend on to run their businesses? For those who have never migrated a complex Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 application to Microsoft Visual Basic.NET, the experience can be both challenging and frustrating. As much as Visual Studio facilitates the migration, Microsoft's wizardry falls short and needs an experienced guiding hand to help ensure success.

A participating whole life insurance company engaged Chicago Technologies to help get one of their key applications, an in-force policy illustration system, ready for the migration to Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0. Working with a team of actuaries and mathematics experts, Chicago Technologies redesigned the application. Along the way, Chicago Technologies refactored several key functional points which led to increased performance and code maintainability.