Application Development

Buy vs. Build. The timeless decision that every company eventually faces when it comes to business application software. Successful companies understand that off-the-shelf software has its place in any business, but they also realize that custom applications deliver a superior competitive advantage when designed, developed, and managed appropriately.

Developing custom application software is Chicago Technologies' core competency. We believe there's nothing more rewarding than taking an idea or an existing business process and transforming it into a production-ready system. But the critical realization needed for a successful system implementation is that there's more to application development than just writing code. Each phase of the systems development life cycle (SDLC) plays an important part in achieving your ultimate goal. Our consultants move seamlessly through the systems development life cycle, performing multiple roles on a single project. The result is a higher quality system, delivered faster, at a lower cost.

Read more about how we designed, developed, and supported a suite of applications built specifically for a unique start-up of a large, insurance company.