Instructional Technology

Having a workforce that fully understands the business process of their company or department is often an organization´┐Żs key to success, accuracy, reduced waste, and customer satisfaction. Employee training is a critical piece of and new system implementations. All too often, companies invest large amounts of money in order to redesign business processes and implement new systems to improve their business, while overlooking or underestimating the effort needed to educate their employees in the new process rules or the new system features.

Chicago Technologies recognizes the importance of transferring knowledge to your workforce by providing three main instructional services:

  • Materials Development. Chicago Technologies offers content experts that can quickly learn your business process and / or system functionality to provide detailed documentation that can serve as reference points and refreshers for your employees.
  • In-house Training. Chicago Technologies has instructors on staff that can deliver training via a traditional classroom setting at your location. This allows staff to engage and ask questions while viewing a live demonstration of their new or redesigned system.
  • Distance Learning. Chicago Technologies recognizes the dispersed nature of business today and the need for transferring knowledge to individuals at several locations. Our instructional technology designers can deliver on-line learning modules to train your workforce and track their progress as they complete refresher activities or quizzes. Management-level reporting can then be accessed to monitor individual progress.